Contract wallcoverings


Durafort Contract Wallcoverings are available in a comprehensive range of modern designs with a weight of between 300 - 390 gr / m2 (paper backing).

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BN Contract Wallcoverings are offered in the weight range between 350 - 450 gr/m2 (fabric backing) and are usualy used in heavy traffic areas like hotels and hospitals.

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Within our offer for the Health Care sector, we offer 2 ranges; Suwide Health Care SR and Suwide Tedlar. Both series are ideally suited for application in the health sector in hospitals, nursing homes, private clinics, laboratories, surgery and treatment rooms, etc . Because of the extra strong finish, stains cannot migrate into the vinyl and even more aggressive detergents can be used for cleaning.

Mousse is made out of a thick layer of foamed vinyl without backing with an approximate weight of 550 gr / m2. Mousse is often used in wetroom areas, as alternative to ceramic tiles.