Contract wallcoverings


Medical Care

Within our offer for the Medical Care sector, we offer 2 ranges; Suwide Health Care SR and Suwide Tedlar.

Suwide Health Care SR (stain resistant) is a new quality contract wallcovering, developed by BN International, and ideally suited for application in the health sector (hospitals, nursing homes, private clinics, laboratories, surgery and treatment rooms, etc) . By working closely together with architects and contractors, we have developed a product with a protective topcoating rendering it resistant to stains, dirt and chemicals. The coating ensures that stains cannot migrate into the vinyl. The following are some of the many cleaning agents that can be used: soap, vinegar, ethanol, chlorine bleach, turpentine (detailed maintenance instructions are available on the website). The stain resistant top layer also gives Suwide Health Care SR excellent scratch-and impact resistance, making this wallcovering suitable for use in high traffic areas.

Suwide Tedlar has the same characteristics as Suwide Health Care SR. The main difference between the two is that we add a Tedlar film at the Suwide Tedlar, whereas a coating is added to the Suwide Health Care SR.

Both qualities are treated with Bio-Pruf, which works against the growth of fungi and bacteria. This ensures that the wallcovering conforms to strict hygienic requirements within the health care sector. The Bio-Pruf is added to the PVC mix during the manufacturing process and is therefore active across the entire surface of the product and remains so for the lifetime of the wallcovering.